HYBRID EVENT - WHY INCLUDE them in your event strategy 2021?

The year 2020 was a difficult one for the event industry. Live events that had been planned months in advance were several times postponed or cancelled. It was necessary to react to the pandemic restrictions promptly. This created a boom in online events. These bring many benefits that events in person cannot offer. Therefore, we provide hybrid events that combine the best of both worlds.

Organize an event to address both participants in the hall and those sitting on the other side of the globe.


There are situations where events can only be organized only virtually, as 2020 showed us. However, years before ensured us that live events have benefits that online events cannot entirely replace.

The hybrid event combines both options - live and online events.

Part of the audience is directly at the event venue, and part is online - whether at home, in the office with their team or another venue with other participants. Thanks to the hybrid format of the event, you will connect remote participants and speakers to the event who would not otherwise be able to arrive. This format is now becoming an essential part of the event strategy in our country and the world.

See how a hybrid conference works!


Přehráním videa souhlasíte se zásadami ochrany osobních údajů YouTube.

Zjistit vícePovolit video


Přehráním videa souhlasíte se zásadami ochrany osobních údajů YouTube.

Zjistit vícePovolit video

Hybrid event formats

There are several options for organizing a hybrid event. It doesn't always have to be a live event stream to one remote viewer. Streaming is also possible from one central place to a remote group of participants who are in one place and watch the event together. We provide two types of the live broadcast.

One-way (a group cannot communicate with the event)
or bidirectional (the group can communicate with the event).

The advantage is that you can combine a hybrid event in many ways. We can also connect several small groups or individuals into the studio of the main event. Please, discover with us all the tricks to achieve the best experience from a hybrid event.

What options do you have
hybrid events offered?

Hybrid events


The requirements for internal communication tend to vary quite a bit..

How to use the hybrid event format in your company?

  • - You can educate yourself and your employees in a hybrid way
    - Hold a team meeting without borders
    - Organize motivational meetings
    - Tell your colleagues about your company's performance and achievements through a hybrid annual meeting
    - Prepare the general meeting

For many multinational corporations, it is very demanding to gather all the necessary participants in such a meeting in one place.

This is the past. Thanks to the hybrid format, you can easily overcome distances and safety concerns. Reduce costs and the carbon footprint made by repetitive travel while effectively communicating everything you need.

Choose a venue (so-called hub) where the main event will take place and connect other participants to it - groups from branches or other venues, or even individual ones from the comfort of their home.

Hybridní event

Hybrid events


External events are held mainly for sales, advertising, launching a new product on the market, etc. Thanks to the hybrid format, you will attract the attention of a larger audience and gain more potential clients.

Který ze základních typů hybridních eventů využijete vy?

  • Conferences and congresses
  • Fairs and Exhibitions
  • Product launch
  • Award ceremony
  • Gala evenings
  • Talk show

Participants can be connected online and speakers who would not otherwise be able to arrive. You will get real stars on stage who will not even have to leave their office.

Hybridní event

Benefits of the hybrid event


Not only because of the pandemic but also in everyday life, we are unsure if the conference is worth travelling to another country/city and investing time and money in it. This applies to both participants and speakers. During a pandemic, travel restrictions also prevent us from participating.

We can assume that a lot of people will still prefer online meetings for some time. At the same time, however, they will not want to miss the content of the conference. Open up to new possibilities, expand your audience and offer your content across continents!

Benefits of the hybrid events

and lower costs

Many potential participants are thinking about whether travel is in line with their environmental feelings or whether the total time and cost of attending an event is worth it. Allow such visitors to participate too!

The possibility of remote participation also expands the circle of potential speakers or panellists. For the organizers, this can also save costs associated with the involvement of the performer.

Benefits of the hybrid events

for sponsors

Thanks to a broader audience, the hybrid event is an exciting opportunity for sponsors, especially when combining live and online presence. In the virtual part, you can offer interactive stands or the whole virtual exhibition.

Engaging environments, measurable data and interactions with the audience are a matter of course. As an organizer, you can then expand the range of your sponsors - they can be seen in the venue, online-only, or both.

event platform

Your event is one place - simply arranged

Benefits of the hybrid events

Take advantage
of your event even after the live stream.

Use recordings from the event or a final cut after the event itself! Take advantage of this unique online opportunity and offer the audience video content, documents or other materials that participants will welcome after the event.

You will reach a broader audience that could not attend the event. At the same time, you can use these records for other marketing purposes, such as a promo for another event. This way, you can maintain interaction with participants long after the event.

Benefits of the hybrid events

real-time data

Are you interested in what exactly the audience was most interested in at the conference? How long did they spend in your lectures? How many people visited your booth? Which speaker was the most interesting? What did the event bring them? Will they want to come next year?

These are just primary data that you can get and evaluate, thanks to the hybrid format.

Benefits of the hybrid events


Safety plays a significant role in events today, not only during the pandemics. It is not just about the physical safety and health of the participants. Companies and public administrations need to guarantee a secure and sometimes private stream that must meet specific criteria. We are technologically ready for such requirements!

Read how we follow the ANTICOVID safety rules.

Benefits of the hybrid events

and feedback

Thanks to the connection with the event platform, which offers a wide range of opportunities during online meetings, it is possible to interact with the audience and find feedback during the event. Start voting, accept questions, divide participants into breakout rooms for more efficient networking. You can use very effective tools to increase and maintain attention to the screens.

Hybrid across europe

People are gradually getting used to the hybrid events. We are actively organizing them and together with our clients we are connecting companies or employees across the world.

Tata Bojs
OnLive concert

Audience both at home and in the theatre

Thanks to the Czech band Tata Bojs, we were able to participate in a great charity concert, plus a unique online solution.Just as it was important for fans to see the band, it was important for the band to see their fans, so we placed screens with their faces, streamed live via Zoom, right on the seats in a small Prague theatre. That way they could really feel like they were in the theatre, as well as the band, who could interact with the audience as if they were really there. To enhance the moment, we also projected individual faces directly behind the playing band. A unique experience for both parties.

Winter Classic 2020 Press Conference

Conference streamed from O2 Universum

A press conference for the biggest hockey event of the year - the Winter Classic 2020, which will take place in Spindleruv Mlyn, was held in our multifunctional studio in the partner venue O2 Univerum. Jaromír Jágr personally attended the conference, which was organized by Live Bros. It was necessary to ensure the streaming of the entire conference, reliably and with high quality. We streamed on several platforms and our LED screen was a great help both for the presentation during the conference and to create a winter atmosphere in the hot summer.

Nadpis slidu

Theatrical performance at your home

While all the theatres were closed and the entire cultural community had to take a break due to government restrictions, the Jatka 78 theatre came up with a solution to bring their performances to the audience. With the help of AV MEDIA EVENTS, they live streamed the performance "Amerikánka" from various interesting places in the Czech Republic. For example, from a caged zoo, from the roof of a building in the centre of Prague, an airport runway or from a quarry where there was no connection.

Film Live

Bringing theatre to your cinemas

We are honoured to be part of the unique summer project Film Live. Selected theatre companies stage their most successful performances outside the theatre, in exteriors that add new context to the content of the play, inspire the acting and develop the theme. AV MEDIA EVENTS streams these performances live to cinemas across the Czech Republic and brings this unique project to your city. The series of these broadcasts was started by Cirk La Putyka, from the meadow above Karlštejn.

12th annual project management conference

Some circumstances just force you to make a hybrid event. It happened during the preparation of the 12th annual Project management conference in Cubex Centrum Praha. At first, the participants were supposed to attend the conference in person, and we planned to connect only 20 to 30 people remotely of a total of 200.  The plans had to change at the last moment because of the evolving corona situation, and almost all participants registered remotely.

Hybrid Concert

Musicians who cannot physically be in one place will play a joint concert

Imagine two musicians playing a concert while being units or thousands of miles apart. Yes, it really is possible thanks to technology that can connect two or more locations, with no visible delay in video and audio signals. All we need is an internet connection and we can transmit images not only in FullHD but also in 4K or even 8K. AV MEDIA EVENTS is a member of an alliance that has developed special converters for these transmissions and we have already used them in practice several times. We have transmitted video signals with them in the Olympic parks and many events have been realized by CESNET at live concerts. This system will also find use in other applications where high image quality with minimal delay within milliseconds is required.

Shooting t-mobile’s advertisement campaign

Hybrid event in five countries simultaneously

The Saachi and Saachi agency was given the daunting task of communicating the message "T-Mobile enables users around the world to share their experiences". The agency came up with a very imaginative solution for execution. And it did it using a new "shocking" technology that can transmit a concert of a famous artist to several countries at once.

The future of hybrid events in o2 universum

Since last autumn, only online events have taken place at the O2 Universe until now. This year, we were the first one with the HYBRID event carrying the subtitle "Get ready for the return of events." Last year, there was probably no company that would not be affected by the pandemic. Many of them gave up any planning for the future and focused on the rapid changes that affected more or less all sectors across industries.

Virtual event for two countries

The transition from live events is often full of uncertainty and doubt. Live events are characterized by high audience participation, where moderators are used to lively interactions or immediate feedback. However, we are happy to show our clients that these conditions can be maintained and transformed into virtual events. Such an event can be broadcasted to two locations at the same time!

How we organized ava showcase

The original version of this hybrid event eventually turned more into an online version. During the broadcast, two parts of a panel discussion were led by a moderator from a studio in London. One of the participants was in the studio, and the others were connected remotely. Companies attended the event from Poland, the Czech Republic, United Kingdom and other countries. Among other things, the future trends of hybrid events were discussed. We tried to explain what the hybrid and online format looks like, what it will bring to companies, and the benefits. An important part of the panel discussion was also strong sponsors - they illustrated the effects of the pandemic with their own eyes, and we learned what they were planning for the future.


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