Your event in one place - simply arranged!

The oneAVstream event platform is the solution for your online and hybrid events.

It works as a microsite, registration application, sends invitations, checks the authorized access of participants to online and offline video content and engages them with interactive features.

At what online events can the application be used?

Conferences & Congresses
And more

Everything you need - in one place

Based on experience with other platforms and the requirements of our clients, we have created our event platform,
which is entirely under our control.

Secure connection
Worldwide availability
For events with more than 10,000 participantsy

See what your event can look like!

How does it all work?

The application of operational principles from the participant’s perspective.

logs in using the generated link. If the organizer registers the participant, they will receive information and instructions by email.
GDPR form
GDPR is a part of every event, especially in online or hybrid form. The participant will be introduced to the GDPR rules at the given event during the registration.
All clear. The participants get to the signpost, where they will see general information about the event and a list of available streams.
Safety first
We stream via our reliable CDN server. We can provide a backed-up infrastructure for critical applications.
Streams switching
The participant has the option to switch to another of the available streams at any time. The distribution of streams can be by halls or by language.
We will fine-tune the entire application to the visual of your event, including corporate colors or introduce sponsors.

Are you looking
for the perfect studio?

Take a look at the AV MEDIA EVENTS studios!

Detailed information about our platform

Registration and login methods

  • Free entry
  • Registration of participants using the registration form
  • Registration of invited participants using the registration form
  • Registration according to the list provided by the event organizer
  • Sign in using general code
  • Sign in using unique codes
  • We verify logged-in users and ensure that only a defined number of devices are logged in under a given account. You will not see a larger number of participants per registration than you anticipated
  • We will adjust the email invitations according to your specifications, or we will recommend an appropriate styling

Event content

  • Online stream
  • Off-line recording
  • Video content via a secure private CDN or publicly available services
  • A static image or video with the event partners before and after the live broadcast
  • Possibility of injecting information or sponsorship messages during the event
  • Participants engagement
    • Q&A
    • Voting
    • Quizzes
    • Surveys
    • Competitions

Support and analytics

  • On-line monitoring and exports of registered participants
  • All information about current participants, numbers of followers
  • Support for organizers and participants before and during the event
  • Statistics, including personalized, from the entire course of the even

 In theory, you already know everything, so there is nothing left but to try our platform.


AV MEDIA EVENTS is a leader in the Czech market in audiovisual & IT equipment rental and services.

We have been offering state-of-the-art technology for 20 years and keeping pace with the international market. We will guide you from the design and planning of the event to its realization. Our professional sales and project managers are ready to prepare a tailor-made event, whether it is a corporate meeting, gala, exhibition, conference, congress, sports event, concert or the entire festival.